How to Conduct an Incident Investigation

how-to-conduct-incident-investigationsEHS professionals are in the business of trying to reduce the number, reduce the severity, or completely eliminate incidents at work.

There are a lot of ways to do that. Establishing and maintaining an effective safety and health management program is one way. Leading effective EHS training is another. Controlling hazards is yet another. And there are more.

One important method that falls under the category of “more” is performing an incident investigation.

An incident investigation is something you (and/or others in your company) should perform when an incident occurs at the workplace. This can include near-misses, accidents, property damage, illnesses, injuries, and fatalities.

There are two primary purposes of an incident investigation. The first purpose is to identify the “root cause” or causes of the incident. That’s the short-term goal. And the second purpose is to use the information gathered in the incident investigation, and the determination of the root cause, to prevent a similar incident from happening again. That’s the long-term goal.

But not everyone knows how to perform an incident investigation. What about you? Do you have a plan in place right now? Do you know what you’d do if you had an incident at work?

If you have already planned your response and investigation, hats off to you. If not, you can begin planning now. But if you don’t begin planning your investigation until you’ve had an incident at work, you’re much too late and will be behind the proverbial eight-ball.

So in this article, we’ll sketch out what you need to know about performing an incident investigation. And we’ll even give you a list you can use to begin making your incident investigation plan and another list you can use to begin stocking up your incident investigation kit. Hope you find it helpful.

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How to Measure the Impact of Training on Business Goals and KPIs

how-to-measure-business-goals-and-kpisYou can train people all you want, but it’s nice to know if the training is working. By which we mean, is it helping your company reach a business goal. And it’s also nice to be able to demonstrate that information to others in your company.

Luckily, you can use training data from your learning management system (LMS), along with data that tracks your KPIs (for example, KPIs about operations or safety), to create a compelling visual display of the positive effects of your training program. And as you know, a picture is worth a thousand words.

We’re going to give you a couple of quick examples of how to do just that in the post below.

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The Training Within Industry (TWI) Job Instruction Program (JI)

job-instruction-programIn a recent article, we provided an overview of Training Within Industry (TWI). TWI is a training program that was created by the U.S. government during World War II. In the long-term analysis, however, TWI was more influential overseas than it was in the U.S. In particular, it really caught on in Japan, and it could be said that TWI was one of the things at the roots of the Japanese lean manufacturing revolution.
In this post, we’re going to take a closer look at the Job Instruction (JI) method.

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The “J Programs” and “PD”

TWI isn’t a single program. Instead, there are four TWI programs or components that are intended to be used together for a more comprehensive workforce development solution. These four are:

  • Job Instruction
  • Job Methods
  • Job Relations
  • Program Development

Job Instruction, Job Methods, and Job Relations are frequently referred to as the “J Programs.”

In this article, we’re going to focus on the Job Instruction program, but we’ll give you a quick overview of all four before we zero in on Job Instruction.


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The MSHA Instructor Training Session: An Interview with Jeff Duncan, Director of Educational Policy and Development (MSHA)

MSHA-instructor-trainingNot so long ago, we were giving some thought to the MSHA Part 48 Approved Instructor.

And that led us to give some thought to the three-day, Instructor Training sessions that MSHA leads so that people can become Part 48 Approved Instructors and, in turn, deliver Part 48 training to mine site employees (and contractors, etc.).

We were fortunate enough to get Jeff Duncan, the Director of Educational Policy and Development at MSHA, to give up some of his own time to tell us more about that program. We’re thankful to Jeff for being so generous with his time to do that.

So below we’ve got the highlights of that discussion with Mr. Jeff Duncan of MSHA. We hope you find it interesting and that it sheds more light on the role for of the MSHA Approved Instructor for Part 48.

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Level 4 Training Evaluations

level-4Knowing if your training program is having a positive effect on relevant KPIs, and are helping move your company toward its business goals, is a good thing.

Trainers do this by performing what’s known as a level 4 evaluation (in the four-level Kirkpatrick training evaluation model).

In this article, we’re going to look more closely at evaluating a training program to see if it’s created the desired effect on the relevant KPI(s). Here we go.

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How Online Tools Can Save MSHA Part 46 Recordkeeping Headaches

how-online-tools-can-saveMSHAThere are many different aspects of MSHA Part 46 compliance training. Recordkeeping is one of those.

It’s easy enough to see WHY there are recordkeeping and documentation requirements. Regulators have to know what’s been done and what hasn’t been done. Even if you don’t LIKE doing this, the logic is fair enough. You get it.

That doesn’t mean that creating, storing, and later retrieving all those records is especially fun. And if you’re a safety manager, I’d be willing to bet it’s not your favorite part of your job.

In fact, I just gave a presentation at MSHA’s annual TRAM conference, and I asked this very question to the 40-or so people who attended the presentation. I learned that basically nobody really enjoyed doing this; that nearly everyone felt they spent more time doing this than they wanted to; and that most everyone was a little unsure if their records were perfect or if they could quickly retrieve specific training records (the one person who said she COULD quickly retrieve specific different types of training records admitted that her confidence came at the cost of a LOT of time working with Excel spreadsheets).

But online, computerized systems can help ease this recordkeeping and documentation challenge. They’ll help you spend less time creating, storing, and retrieving training records and other documentation. This means you can spend more of your time on safety training, safety audits, safety observations, in safety meetings….well, you get the idea. You can spend more of your time doing stuff that is more productive.

In this article, you’ll learn more about some ways that online systems can save you time, headache, frustration, and even money on all this recordkeeping. Read on for the full story.

Convergence Training is a training solutions provider with strong offerings in general EHS and mining safety. For mining safety in particular, we have a learning management system (LMS) that allows you to administer your MSHA Part 46 training program online. This means you can assign training, import training, deliver some training online, notify employees of other assigned training, credit who’s done and not done with training, run reports, and even create Part 46 documentation that MSHA requires, such as the printed Part 46 training plan and a 5000-23 equivalent. And before you read this article, feel free to download our FREE 42-PAGE GUIDE TO ONLINE MSHA PART 46 COMPLIANCE.


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Come See Us at The MSHA TRAM Conference, October 13-15, 2015 in Beaver, West Virginia

mshaHey–we’ll be at the MSHA TRAM conference Tuesday, October 13 through Thursday, October 15.

We’ll even be giving a presentation to show you how online tools, including a learning management system (LMS) and e-learning courses can help you with your MSHA safety training requirements. You can catch that on Wednesday, October 14 at 2:30 pm. We’ll be co-presenting with our friends at Catamount Consulting.

Otherwise, swing by our desk and say “hi” or us any questions you may have. We’ll be at the desk most times when we’re not presenting.

Look forward to seeing you there.


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8 Times When e-Learning Is Better Than Instructor-Led for EHS Training


A lot of people think that instructor-led training is ALWAYS better than e-learning.

And, based on our experience, it seems that this opinion is held especially strongly among EHS professionals.

But, the truth is, there are often scenarios where e-learning is as effective (and at times possibly more so) than instructor-led training. In this post we’re gonna take this topic head on, and give some examples when e-learning is the most appropriate training method to use.

Convergence Training is a training solutions provider. We make a series of learning management systems (LMSs) to administer training at job sites. In addition, we made many libraries of off-the-shelf e-learning courses. And, in addition, we make custom training solutions and even apps for mobile training and job support (m-learning). Contact us to learn more or set up a demo.

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Safety Roles: Competent Persons and Approved Instructors

competent-person-approval-9-30-2015If you’re new to safety, the different roles and titles can get a little confusing.

Actually, that’s true even if you’ve been kickin’ around in safety for a while.

Things get even more confusing if you’re trying to keep up with roles that are specially defined by regulators in certain circumstances. For example, OSHA and MSHA mean different things when they refer to “competent persons.”

And things can get still more confusing when one regulator uses two different terms for something that’s pretty similar. For example, MSHA refers to Part 46 trainers as “competent persons” but to Part 48 trainers as “MSHA-approved instructors.”

Confused yet?

If so, we’ll get you back on solid ground shortly, we promise. Read on to clarify what we just talked about.

Convergence Training is a training solutions provider with many libraries of e-learning training courses, including libraries for health and safety training and mining safety training. In addition, we make a series of learning management systems (LMSs) to assign, deliver, track, credit, and report on workplace training. Contact us to learn more or set up a demo today.


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OSHA’s Top Ten Violations, 2015

osha-top-10-violations-2015We return, fresh from our trip to the annual National Safety Congress and Expo.

Among other things, we got our first look at the OSHA Top Ten Violations data for another year (fiscal year, 2015). We’ll get more data from OSHA and the NSC about this list in December.

Check out the list below. We’ve also included links to additional webpages related to each of the commonly violated standards–the additional pages include free training materials, fun word games, interactive glossaries, additional helpful information about the regulation and how to avoid violating it, free safety checklists, and more.

And if you’re at NSC, don’t forget to check out Convergence Training at booth 1332.

Convergence Training is a training solutions provider with a long history in providing safety training, especially for industrial and manufacturing customers. Check out our health and safety e-learning library, our mining safety e-learning library, and our learning management systems (LMSs) for assigning, delivering, completing, crediting, tracking, and reporting on training. For more information, contact us directly to ask some questions or set up a demo.


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